Customer Stories
August 8, 2019

Customer Stories: A Middle School Health & Phys-Ed Teacher’s Side Hustle

How a Middle School Gym Teacher Entered the Gig Economy Six months ago, Kyle Gafgen of New Jersey was newly married and looking for a way to make extra cash.…
Customer Stories
July 29, 2019

Customer Stories: How Restaurants All Over Connecticut are Saving Money While Going Green

Computer Salesman Turned Entrepreneur in Just Four Months   Bill Roberts, of Wilton, Connecticut, began his entrepreneurial journey in March of 2019. He worked in a family textile business for…
CEO BlogOne at a time
January 9, 2019

The Joy of Giving

Giving is our mirror. When we look at our contribution through Viv’s One At A Time initiatives, and our relationship with our small, but powerful service partner in Guatemala, Long…